Jonathan Dunnett

I help growth-minded individuals, organizations, and governments make the moves that matter with confidence.

About Me

Global Experience

I’ve helped clients all over the world, from one-person startups to top-five global law firms through my ability to understand complexity, identify significant opportunities and bring tangible solutions to the thorniest problems. I am also building out my company,  Enable Leaders, which focuses on helping emerging and established leaders grow and enables leadership and talent development professionals to do their job even better.

My Superpower

As a globally acknowledged expert in competitive intelligence and market insights, my superpower is helping individuals and firms ask the right questions: this drives results and outcomes for my clients.

Sample Results
  • Delivering research and guidance for a top global FMCG brand to inform market entry: hundreds of millions of spend, billions of revenue potential.
  • Saving a startup client 100 person hours with a five-minute conversation that brought the same decision clarity with a different data approach.
  • Bringing clarity to go-to-market decisions for small and large firms alike, including one of the top-five law firms in the world: this decision would be worth tens of millions in spend, with potential revenues of hundreds of millions.
  • Helping clients determine strategic approaches to gaining new clients, understanding and engaging with regulators, creating new partnerships and more.


Get the help you need to identify opportunities and overcome challenges.

I work with startups to large enterprises on projects to help them make informed decisions. 

I work with firms to develop and build valuable, timely content and deliver it virtually.

What Others Say

9x Sales Leader, 2 Successful exits

Michel Chiasson

I have known Jonathan for a few years now and I consistently go back to him as one of my sounding boards. Whatever the business topic I find relevant and critical to my success, Jonathan has this uncanny ability to cut through the rubbish just by asking the right “painful” questions that uncover the issues at hand. 

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Fintech Leader, Angel Investor

Alicia Roisman Ismach

Jonathan has the ability to see beyond the obvious and capture the essence within complex processes even with very limited information. Working with Jonathan is always a pleasure.

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Director of Growth Marketing, Eventbrite

Marcio Moerbeck

Jonathan has been an invaluable mentor to me, offering guidance and support in every aspect of my business journey. His wealth of experience and knowledge has been instrumental in helping me navigate through various challenges and opportunities, allowing me to make informed decisions and achieve my business goals.

Learn more about Marcio.